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How RentalGeek Works

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All from the app!

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Why Use Rental Geek?

  • Rental Geek offers more listing than anyone else in every market it serves.
  • Rental Geek partners with Landlords so it has the freshest listings updated daily so you never chase a place that has already been rented.
  • Never pay gouge rates for the application process again. Pay $25 once and apply to as many places as you want.
  • Rental Geek is all digital. No Paper! From the application to the lease agreement, get in your new digs using nothing but your mobile phone.
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  • Get it done for $25!
  • Your GeekScore is all you need to apply to your first, second, and even third choices.
  • It's your info so keep it secure in one app!
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Invite Cosigner

  • We thought of that too!
  • Send a request to your cosigner right from the app.
  • They can use the app to fill out their application and check on the status
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Invite Roommates

  • Cool, right?
  • Invite your roommates to apply too!
  • Do it all right from inside the app so it's not such a pain.
  • Easy, digital, and fast, right?
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Pay First Months Rent & Security Deposit

  • In-app credit card payments
  • Have roommates? We'll split it for you automatically.

About Us

We have a vision for your next rental and we think you’re going to like it. It’s total liberation from a renting process that hasn't improved since our grandparents were renting.

Our vision is an app that puts the entire rental marketplace in the palm of your hand with the most accurate and freshest listings.

Imagine your phone, our app, more choices, no paper, less time, and less money.

Rental Geek. We Hacked Renting. You're Welcome.

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